Scooters for Seniors - Avoid Getting Taken For a Ride

For millions of senior citizens who suffer from illness or injuries that limit their mobility, electric scooters have proven to be a great asset in helping old timers maintain their independence.

The power mobility industry is a one billion dollar a year industry that serves well over 400,00 Medicare beneficiaries. There are many reputable companies out there who can assist you in getting an electric scooter that's right for you. Most of the time, Medicare will cover part, if not all, of the cost of the machine. However, in some cases, these companies have programs to get you a scooter, free of charge, should Medicare deny you.

With all the money wrapped up in the industry it's no surprise that there are companies, as well as individuals, who are more than happy to take advantage of a suffering senior citizen by selling them inferior products or scamming them out of their money without delivering a thing.

The nation's leading supplier of power wheelchairs and scooters, The Scooter Store, issued a consumer alert to help protect seniors against unscrupulous companies and rip-offs. This alert was issued as a result of many recent cases of fraud of the Medicare system in which people were promised free power wheelchairs or scooters and either received a lesser-valued product or nothing at all.

It's recommended that you follow these tips to avoid being taken for a ride when looking for a scooter or electric wheelchair:

  • Be wary of people who might knock on your door or approach you at a senior center with an offer to take you to a doctor in order to get a free scooter. Reputable dealers don't conduct business that way.
  • Be careful when someone uses scare tactics in order to push you to make a rash decision. Some people have been known to say that Medicare is going to discontinue to offer this so you have to act now. Again, reputable companies don't employ scare tactics.
  • Stay away from people who insist that you use their physician. Legitimate companies will always allow you to work with your own doctor.
  • Before you agree to anything, ask how long the company has been in business and how long have they been a certified Medicare provider.
  • Make sure you ask, and get, written literature that explains fees and eligibility of any company you're dealing with. If they put you off, steer clear.
  • Also, make sure the company you're working with ensures patient confidentiality.
  • Make an effort to get references from people who own power mobility machines. Ask what company they went through and what their experience was like.
  • Watch out for product brands that sound similar to a big name manufacturer’s product. Scams are very successful by imitating famous merchandise only to deliver poor quality products.

Lastly, if you suspect something suspicious, alert the proper authorities. Scams that defraud Medicare out of millions of dollars are happening virtually everywhere and this is bad for seniors as well as young people alike. Because when Medicare loses money, everyone gets taken for a ride.

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